The Fall



The Old Tongue


Draleid (Drah-laid): Dragonbound. Warriors whose souls were bonded to the dragons that hatched for them.

Rakina (Rah-KEEN-ah): One who is broken, or in the elven dialect – ‘one who survived’. When a dragon or their Draleid dies, the other earns the title of ‘Rakina’.

N’aldryr (Nahl-DREAR): By fire.

Nai dauva (Nay D-ow-VA): By death.








Alvira Serris (Al-VIE-rah Ser-is): The Archon of the Draleid.

Eltoar Daethana (El-twar DYE-tha-nah): The First Sword of the Draleid. Bound to the dragon Helios.

Kallinvar (Kall-IN-var): Brother Captain of The Second. Knight of Achyron.

Verathin (Ver-ah-thin): Leader of The First, Grandmaster of the Knights of Achyron.

Ruon (Rew-on): Knight of The Second. Knight of Achyron.

Ildris (Il-dris): Knight of The Second. Knight of Achyron.

Coren Valmar (Core-en Val-mar): A young Draleid bound to the dragon Aldryn.

Aldryn (All-DRIN): Dragon bound to Coren. Dark orange scales.

Kollna (Kol-nah): Draleid, master to Coren, bound to the dragon Tinua.

Tinua (Tin-ew-ah): Dragon bound to Kollna. Red scales.

Dylain (Dill-AYE-IN): Draleid, bound to the dragon Soria.

Achyron (Ack-er-on): The warrior god, or simply The Warrior.

Efialtír (Ef-EE-ahl-TIER): The traitor god. Efialtír betrayed the other six gods at the dawn of creation. He turned his back on their ways, claiming his power through offerings of blood.






Urak (UH-rak): Creatures whose way of life revolves around bloodshed. Little is known of them outside of battle, other than they serve the traitor god – Efialtír.

Jotnar (Jot-Nar): The Jotnar, known to humans as ‘giants’, are a race of people who have inhabited Epheria since the dawn of time. They are intrinsically magic, have bluish-white skin, and stand over eight feet tall.